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These lists of parts suppliers are taken from postings to the British Cars mailing list. There are suppliers of car parts, tools, accessories, and services around the world. It is, undeniably, biased towards vendors in the US and Europe, though that's only because it's where we have the most experience.

You'll find lots of comments, good and bad, taken from the experiences of actual people. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of comments, and your mileage may vary (YMMV). Absolutely no effort has been made to verify all this information, but most of it should be valid, and we're sure you'll find it useful. We do try to keep the contact information as up-to-date as possible.

NOTE: As the web grows, this list gets more exposure. We now have vendors sending in entry submissions for their own businesses. For the time being, I am including these with the notation "vendor supplied" to distinguish them from those entries generated by an actual customer (satisfied or otherwise.) This is an experiment, and I may discontinue this practice at any time if I feel that it's getting out of hand. The intention of this list is to reflect real-world experience with vendors, not provide advertising space.

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You can access the information in several different ways:

If you find a vendor through this list and do business with them, please let me know about your experience. The list is only as good as the feedback we get.

This list would not exist without the efforts of the people on the British Cars mailing lists. Phil Ethier was responsible for the original collection and distillation of information from Zahid, Mark Bradakis, Ron Knipper, T. J. Higgins, Duane Walzer and others.

This is in no way a solicitation for business from any one of these suppliers, just a list for your personal use. Comments may be from someone on the net that has dealt with them or heard about someone's dealings with them. The opinions expressed in these reports are the opinions of the original writer and do not necessary reflect the opinion of the british-cars mailing list or any other individual. Neither the originators nor the maintainers are responsible for damages caused by typographical errors or misunderstandings. Got an update?

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