My XYL wanted to get me a coffee mug with my callsign in Morse code ... and couldn't find anyone who makes one! So I searched around for a while and found Zazzle, who provide a mechanism for doing personalized customization.

Type in your callsign below, hit the Enter key on your keyboard, and you'll be taken to my Zazzle page, where you can choose from many different mug styles (plain ceramic, color trim, stainless commuter mug...) and tweak the layout of the image. Use the "Mug Options" tab to select colors and styles, and use "Edit this in our design tool now!" to scale and place the images just how you want them. (The default layout includes the FISTS "I _heart_ CW" logo, but you can remove it if you want.)

You will have to enable cookies in your browser or the callsign customization won't work.

If, for some reason, you can't get this to work for you, please send me some mail - my email address is listed at QRZ.COM.

FISTS logo The small profit from every mug that is sold results in a donation (at least $1.00) to the FISTS CW club.

VY 73 de chris K6DBG

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