Sorry, we're all sold out of these shirts...

Now available, a joint production of and the latest in rec.climbing fashion.

After legal hassles born of a distinct lack of a sense of humor, a few months of screwing around, and a last-minute brilliant inspiration, you, too, can have this much sought-after T shirt. On the back, proclaim your climbing prowess to all the world:

i lurned to clime...
On the front is the logo that can not be named, in all its glory (the logo is big - 10.5 inches across.)

Shirts are short-sleeved, cypress green, Patagonia organic cotton Beneficial Ts. Logo and text are off-white. Currently available in sizes L and XL, for $17 delivered in the Continental US.

Want your own? Send me some mail with the following information:
  1. your mailing address,
  2. the number of tees you want,
  3. the size of each tee (currently only L and XL, but I'm taking requests for other sizes).
I'll let you know if the shirts you want are in stock, etc.


Last updated Nov 29 1999 by cak