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This is the Credits page.

A considerable debt of gratitude is owed to Chris Pallasch, author of the Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Web Pages, otherwise known as ScimWeb. That these chapman-era pages resemble the ScimWeb pages, is no accident... I liked Chris' html code, and also the well planned look of his pages, so I plagerized them, and used them as a template. Thanks, Chris!

The Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Web Pages

Credit for the Smith's access counter idea goes to Dick Carlson and the motley band of deviants at Age & Treachery Racing, Ltd. The counter on the ATR page is much more elaborate than the one shown here.... What a hoot!

"...best known for the weird beers they bring to the track."
BS Levy, Road America, Sept. 1996

Last and most, thanks to Triumph tuner, builder, and racer Chris Kantarjiev for hosting our pages. Not to mention, Chris gets the credit for originally putting us in contact with Mark Bradakis at Team.Net, host of the chapman-era mailing list.

"...specialists in kamikaze restorations and lost causes."
The Dimebank Garage

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